Tune in Thursdays - Magneta Lane

Truth be told the last concert I saw was Magneta Lane and it was only because it was part of a Toronto street festival.  The city of Toronto used to host these amazing themed street festivals at major downtown/uptown intersections in the city. Our intersection hosted some indie acts and kids amusement rides.  I only had 2 musketeers at the time and my girl musketeer was barely walking.

On our way home we just happened to stumble into the main stage and saw them playing.  I couldn't believe my luck; so there we were in the middle of the street with me singing and dancing my butt off.  It was crazy cool! Their latest cd is 'Gambling with God' and if you are into girl bands that rock, you will not be disappointed.

This is my fave song by them, hope you enjoy!

Have a rocking Thursday!