McQueen Fall 2011!!

Wow, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 created an absolutely stunning collection.  Such beautiful fabrics, and the beautiful simple colours of: white, lilac, gray and black and with tailoring that is spot on!  I had a hard time narrowing down my faves to just a few pics; so I chose some of the lighter colours.  However, there's a black dress that I just had to slip in.

I will have to return to this collection in the fall for the all black

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Wow....was that exhilarating or what!?

Well, with that said, hope your weekend is phenomenal!!!  I am planning a trip downtown to purchase some new supplies for my fall collection, but we'll see how that goes.  I really just want to lay on a blanket in the park and take in the days.

Yesterday, afternoon I went out with the kids and stopped by one of my supply shops in the area.  I was horrified to see that she is now only selling her own designs.  The gemstone wall reduced to nothing but a meager selection and the chains selection which was once so vast is almost invisible.  I was shocked, the atmosphere in the shop was so heavy, it was so desolate.  Our area on the whole is changing, a lot of small business owners have not survived and it's really sad.

We've recently lost a great family restaurant 'Lick's', followed by 'Blockbuster' and most recently 'HMV'.  I'm
scared and concerned about the future landscape of this area.