Sneak Peak For The Week

I hope you've all been well my friends. I was paid a visit last week by a narly head cold
who decided to stay awhile and make my days and nights miserable. When she finally left I was
able to spend a little time strangely enough updating my  Pinterest  account and making a few
new items for the shop.  

I love the simple sexiness of this necklace.  It took me a while to find the right combination
of charms, but I'm really happy with this end result.  It's the new "troika charm necklace" and
I love it!!  Should be in the shop tomorrow with fingers crossed.

Last night was spent with Edward Cullen; Twilight Saga - New Moon was on telly; oh Edward♥
There was also a kick a** episode of "the good wife" love that show!!

 Hope you are all taking care of each other.
Have a mellow Monday.