New in the shop...

I think I've learned something very interesting about myself over the 
last few weeks.   My creative process is very 'of the moment'.  
I get these creative surges of energy and ideas and I run 
with them. 
At the end of the surge, I either love it or hate it.
This time I love everything,
so they all found their way into the store. Having said that
I now know why so many of my items are one of a kind.

If some of you are still looking for treats to add to your
'valentines day' list or if you're a February 'amethyst' baby I've got
some really cool items in the shop.

We still haven't had any snow to speak of :(
but I see flurries, so maybe someday soon.

Hope things are well with you all and you had
an awesome weekend. We enjoyed the last
few days of the car auction and the NFL play-off
games. So sad to see the Patriots heading back to the Superbowl.
I can only hope the Gaints show them who's boss again.

Hope you have a thoughtful Tuesday.