Tune in Thursday - Norah Jones

My girl musketeer and I have been singing this song for a while now and we both think the video is super cool!

So today is my little ones Bday and we had plans for the beach, but because it rained all day and evening yesterday I think we'll wait for the sand to dry out and warm up.  As I mentioned before bday's have been reduced to immediate family only.  Long story short, the last major bday party was for my daughter and we went out all day then came home to make her fave requested meal while everyone hung out.  

By the time dinner was served the grumpy prince and I were exhausted, everyone was starving and silly me had a glass of wine (not a major drinker, so it went straight to my head on an empty stomach).  I couldn't stop laughing and instead of singing happy birthday I sang a Smiths song (which is what I do when I'm tipsy) with my head on the table. I swear I think I made a pass at my father in law, who kept saying "but she only had one glass of wine"!  

Hope you have a terrific two's Thursday.