Mainstream Punk

Once the 3 musketeers were banished to sleepy-land  friday night, the grumpy prince and I settled into the night; reading and cruising tv channels. We stumbled on a movie called SLC Punk (1999).

SLC Punk lead into a discussion on the influence of music on teen fashion/identity and that there seems to be no more politics in music - everything looks to be mainstream these days.  Our discussion was mainly that since the death of grunge, kids all appear to look and dress the same.

We walked by my old high school the other day and all the kids looked like clones.  Only one kid stood out as his look was sort of modern mod.  There seems to be no music genre that's influencing the kids and how they dress anymore (imagine your daughter roaming the streets dressed like Lady Gaga!).  The grumpy prince thinks this might be a sign of kids knowing who they are and what they stand for and not needing to wear it on their sleeves anymore.

As a pre-teen (sorry tween), I loved punk rockers, loved the fashion and some of the music (could never get into GBH) while the grumpy prince loved\loves 70's rock.

So this might be your only chance chics and dudes if you missed out on the punk movement of the late 70's early 80's; what's old is new again, so now you can be 'mainstream punk' where did I put my studded belt?

photos courtesy of fashionography .

Some day I'll share some of my punk!  What was your scene and are you still representing?

Hope your weekend went well and Monday is treating you kindly.