In the Shop - Bijou Leather Tassel Charm Necklace!!

Bijou our charm necklace for the holiday season hit the shop shelves this weekend.  The original design has been altered since their 'sneak peek' post a couple of weeks ago. Originally this charm necklace was supposed to be a cluster of gems and stones. However, it was all too delicate so I added the tassel and took away some of the gems and I loved how that one element changed the look and vibe of the necklace. But I didn't trust the thread material to hold up over time and I didn't like the way it was fraying. So I used a  gorgeous metallic gold/silver lambskin  leather to give the tassel more durability and it totally adds an eclectic vibe to the necklace.

The Bills are in town this weekend!!  I know you're asking "why aren't you at the game?" the answer is tixs were a small kings  Truth be told this season is a complete fluke, we had no idea the bills were planning on winning some games this season and would be so exciting to watch for a change.

Hope you're having a great weekend!!