Will GRIMM Watch The New GRIMM Show?

A while back the grumpy prince alerted me to a new t.v. show (I wasn't really listening and thought I heard movie) was coming this fall. Now because I didn't listen, I thought wow; another movie based on the Grimm Brothers. Then I started to see all the promos for the 'show' and thought a movie and a tv show, wow x2!!  Then recently I said to the grumpy 'a GRIMM movie and a tv show what are the odds?'  Then he said something and said something again and I thought #$%@ I should be listening....and so I did and then everything was cleared up..lol

So the tv show called GRIMM,  premiers tonight and I'm kind of excited to see what it's all about.  From the trailer the mood looks good and dark, the special effects look interesting and the modern storytelling loosely based on GRIMM fairy tales, could be lots of fun.  So in case you were all wondering; 'will GRIMM watch GRIMM the answer is 'hell yeah!!'

Hope it's good!!!

Hope your day is going well and you all have a frighting Friday!!