Prom & The Naked And Famous

Saw the movie 'Prom' last night (what?!), ok! what? who wants to take this outside!!?  Thought it was sweet, the grumpy prince is still not talking to me.  Anyhoot, really liked this song from the movie and it's not on the soundtrack, but my I.T. guy (grumpy prince) was able to find it for me, even though he's still not talking to

We don't really have all the hype of a 'prom' we have what's called a 'formal' and there's certainly not all this crazy hoopla surrounding it and it's only for graduating students.  It's not even something that came up with me and my boyfriend at the time, that's just how understated the whole thing is.  That's why I'm always intrigued by the whole 'prom' thing and like I said it was a sweet movie.

Here it is hope you enjoy

Why don't you share your prom experience with me, was it the night of your teenage life?

Hope you have a telltale Thursday!!!