Work It! - Cocktail Wedding

A new Season #3 of TLC's 'Four Weddings' (again one of my guilty pleasures) has just started and again I'm wrapped up in the beautiful world of weddings.  So here is what I thought a GRIMM & GRETE girl might wear to her bffs cocktail wedding.

The dress is from one of my ♥'d Etsy shops and I just love the simply elegance of the earrings ;)

the details:

It was great hanging out with the in-laws (brother & sister) yesterday.  It's crazy how little you can see of family and friends sometimes, just crazy!!  My eldest musketeer is on the 'farm' and from the sounds of it is having a blast.  We will probably send my girl musketeer next year, at five she's very independent but she's a girly-girly-princess and a bit high maintenance; so we'll give her another year. 

Hope your week is going well and Wednesdays wish comes true.