Crushing on - Rachel Roy Fall 2011 Collection

I love the fall 2011 collection by fab designer Rachel Roy.  I love the colours, the gorgeous textures, the layering and endless mix & match possibilities are off the carts.  There is such a romantic, nomadic, world traveler vibe to this collection it's all so GOR- geous!!!!

see more here.

My eldest boy musketeer is preparing to go up north with his aunt & uncle for a week or so.  It's always a fun time of the summer for him.  Their property is huge and amazing.  My sister-in-law loves horses and participates in equestrian events (which I love, the outfits are so sexy!!) so there are beautiful horses, a goat and lots of insects so I call it the 'family farm' (the neighbours on the east side of their property are milk farmers, so close enough).  I will miss him terribly can't type tears, I always get this way.  My musketeers are never very far from me. Any hoot, he loves it and he has to speak some french, because my sister-in-law is a french teacher.

With my girl going in french immersion this September there's going to be a lot of french in the tower soon.  So I decided to really take learning the language seriously (this time) so I might be slipping some french in my posts.  Bon chance pour essayer de comprendre ma version de la langue fran├ž