New Arrival - Watermelon Tourmaline 'Kite' Necklace

I finally made our 'kite' necklace!  Long back story made short, I've thought of making a kite necklace for some time now.  I could imagine what it looked like but couldn't figure out the specifics of turning the sketches into a reality and I didn't want to end up on

In walked the 'tattered necklace' which I love! My first attempt at bringing the materials together. With a big push from the grumpy prince this past weekend, I finally made it happen.  I handmade the kite's body and added beautiful watermelon tourmaline gems to the frame. I wire wrapped some gems on to the chain and then added vintage sage ribbon to complete the look.  I'm very happy with the design, it has a very boho chic quality to it and it looks awesome on!

Hope you enjoy it!

Go fly a kite or buy one here.

Hope Thursday tickles you with affection.  The Summer X games starts today, musketeers what musketeers?