Working on Wednesdays - 'Dyeing' Sterling Silver

I was in the middle of oxidizing some sterling silver findings (earwire, beads, chain etc.) and thought maybe I should take some pics for an entry. When I first started 'dyeing' my silver findings it was such a wacky process. I would send the kids off to play, open all the windows (-30 degrees, some winter mornings/evenings), put on rubber gloves, wrap my entire head with a scarf (barely exposing my eyes) and have the grumpy prince on stand-by with emergency services on speed dial.  After reading the warnings on the jar I felt like I needed to wear an asbestos suit.

I'm way more comfortable with the process now. To the point where I'm going to 'dye' my next batch at the dinner table while we're eating.

Here are some photos of my 'dyeing process'.

the 'dyeing' process

the rinsing process

great end results.

Have a wonderstruck Wednesday!