Tune in Thursday - Stone Temple Pilots (stp)

The Stone Temple Pilots where do I begin...another band that my grumpy prince and I both love!  I have a 4th date story (can you believe I can keep track of our dates!).  My grumpy prince and I went to see the STP laser show at the planetarium and when we got there we were told that the laser was broken! To which the grumpy prince said "you better get Scotty in to fix it!"

We left and ended up at the The Duke of York (a cool pub) and sat down to banter.  Half way into our convo (or 'conversation' for the non-Etsians) we realized the music in the background was STP.  They continued to play STP throughout the evening, it was so wild, we couldn't stop laughing.  The only thing missing was the laser but who cared!!!

Irony or fate, I took it as our fate♥

psst,  at the time I thought my grumpy prince kind of  looked like Scott Weiland (the lead singer), now he looks like Brett Favre "in his rookie year" (the grumpy prince made me write that, lol!)

To all you love birds, have a tantric thursday ;)