Tune in Thursday - Echo & The Bunnymen

A few weeks ago, I entitled a post of gorgeous photos 'the killing moon' and since then I've had the song in my head by Echo & the Bunnymen.  I got the album 'Ocean Rain' from my mom when I graduated from grade 7. Growing up on country music, disco and top 40 radio made my home a very musically challenged environment to say the least.

The killing moon is one of my fave songs from the bunnymen and I remember thinking how cool this video was.

Hope thursday is treating you well! The temp has dropped in the city so it's very comfortable in the tower today.

Did I mention that Edward, I mean 'Robert Pattinson' is in town shooting a David Cronenberg movie?  Ever since my grumpy prince mentioned it to me I've been trying not to lose my mind and escape from a tower window, screaming into the streets trying to find him, oh Edward, lol?