A Guilty Pleasure..

Last Sunday morning, my grumpy prince and I spent sometime in bed together (not doing that!), watching TLC's 'Four Weddings'; a guilty pleasure show (one of many) .  It's a wedding show where 4 brides compete against each other for an all expense paid dream honeymoon.  They judge each other on dresses, food, venue, etc. and the bride with the highest score wins a dream honeymoon.

One of the episodes last Sunday had a bride and groom (doctor/lawyer college students, so small budget)  who had a beautiful intimate evening soirĂ©e at a restaurant that thrilled me; it was so elegant and romantic.  They tied for 1st, but lost in the tie breaker :(

It made me think about how more and more brides/grooms are showcasing their individuality and personalizing their weddings.

So here's a glimpse of 'my' modern wedding, Etsy style.

1. invitations.
2. dress.
3. fab shoes.
4. her band.
5. vintage brooch bouquet.
6. his band.

For accessories I would choose something from twigs and honey (gorgeous blog).  Myra Callan from Etsy, designs some of the most beautiful bridal accessories I've ever seen.  Here are 4 of my faves (thank goodness I don't really have to choose).

1. rhinestone headband.
2. double feather flower.
3. creamy bouquet.
4. silk organza flower bomb .

For jewellery, uhm let's see, this is a tough one.  Oh, I know something from GRIMM & GRETE ;)

Hope your weekend is filled with bliss!