Sneak Preview!!

A month ago I blogged about some gorgeous rose quartz and crystal quartz gemstones I picked up and was super excited about.  After finishing some necklace designs on my 'to design list', I was finally able to get my hands on these mystical gemstones.

I love their pure colour, smooth texture and organic shapes and I really wanted to explore some different design elements with these gemstones.

I'm really thrilled with the 1st necklace in this 'rock hard' collection. It's mixed with both rose quartz and quartz crystal because some of these stones were really moody and didn't want to be part of the design.

It literally took me days of trial and error twisting and turning trying to see which stones would cooperate. So the stone selection is very random and each stone hangs in its own manner.  This allows each gemstone to stand out in an interesting way, with their own unique shape, size and colour.  I think this design element really offers a super cool overall edgy effect.

The 2nd necklace I designed isn't photographed as yet;  maybe this weekend. I finished it and put it away, which is something I have a habit of doing, then I'll find them and think "hey, shouldn't you be in the shop?" (but that's another blog post).

The 3rd necklace is a rose quartz and onyx choker.  I absolutely love paring pink with black.  I think it really sums up the kind of chick I am (did she just call herself a 'chick'?). There is definitely a statement appeal to this necklace and because it sits so close to the neck it gives a rocking impact.  It looks amazing on!

The 4th necklace, I started this weekend so it's still rough.  It reminds me of 'angel wings'.  The best part of this design was getting to use the vintage french steel cut beads and I think it really adds a fresh element to the design of this necklace.

hopefully, I'll be able to get some of these super cool pieces into the shop soon.

take it easy!