tune in thursdays - Morcheeba

When Morcheeba first hit the music scene in 1996 they had what was termed a "trip hop" sound to their music.  A very smooth, jazzy, cool beat.  Over the years this trio (the Godfrey brothers: Paul & Ross and lead vocalist Skye Edwards) have gone through many changes, with both sound and lead vocals.

Skye left the band or was asked to leave in 2003 because of 'musical and personal differences'.  The original trio with Edwards reformed in 2010 with a new 'album' and an extensive tour.

I really love the tune 'trigger hippie' from their first album. Skye's vocal's are so beautiful, her voice invites you to come in, chill out and enjoy the ride.

It's a rainy day in the city and I'm in heaven....I love the rain.
Have a Thunderous Thursday.