monday late afternoon

image via tumblr
Sssh...don't let time know I found a bit (of it) to do a quick blog post.

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and you had an awesome
weekend.  It rained like mad on Friday which I absolutely loved; that
and the fact that the kids had a P.A. day (no school) and the
rest of the weekend was cool and overcast.  The perfect excuse
for me to bury my head further into the 'fifty shades of grey' trilogy.

I finished book two and now I'm onto the last book. Again, it's been
a very interesting read. I must say I've not been able to warm up to
any of these characters.  In twilight I thought Bela was useless and...well
Edward was Edward.  But Ana and Christian I'm not feeling it for any of
them.  The only thing I like about Ana is her
 'inner goddess' and her 'subconscious' (they're both really funny).
Perhaps book 3 will allow me to embrace the two main
characters more.

I've also found some time to work on a few pendant necklaces for the
shop.  I added the 1st of 3 to the shop this afternoon;
so stop by and check it out.

Well, I don't want to push my luck with this extra time,
so I'm going to quietly get ready for dinner.

Take it easy my friends, talk to you soon.