The Numbers

A little while ago I had a numbers meltdown.
There used to be just one number in my life that
drove me age.
But lately it's been all about these other numbers.

How many likes.
How many followers.
How many follow(ees).
How many pins.
How many flickrs.
How many hearts.
How many views.
How many unique visitors and site referrals with a positive bounce rate percentage...

 I tweet, I pin, I stumble, I tumble...I fall down!

These numbers can sometimes drive me a bit batty.

Maybe if I put them all together I can make sense out of them:

But, back to the organic aspect of what I do.
It's all about being creative and not worrying about the numbers.

But the numbers eventually follow me there too:

The centimeters.
The inches.
The length.
The width.

Have a twofold Tuesday!