monday morning

source: gypsy mess
Hello beautiful people, hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!

The weather in the city has taken a nose dive and all I want to do
is cuddle up under my 'mama blanket'. The eldest musketeer had
a birthday party to attend yesterday so we got out for a bit but other
than that we all just pretty much huddled around each other while
watching the NHL playoff games.

Today I'm going downtown to get some supplies after mid-day
school drop-off. The grumpy prince is around so it
should be fun.

I did manage to get my sleep back on track.  I passed out
around 10 p.m. Friday night and didn't recover until 9:30 Saturday
morning. Sleep and I are on speaking terms again.

We watched Mission Impossible this weekend.  I thought
it was a really good movie, lots of new action surprises
and it was pretty interesting.

Well, off to spend an hour with my hair, which is funny
because I'm just going to stick my hat on anyways.
Oh the joys of being a chic.

I love that light bulb vase above it's so cool and so pretty!!

Have a meaningful Monday.