run don't walk

Hi everyone, I know this is a crazy late post but I had quite an interesting start to my
day. I've been up since 3:30 a.m. (got out of bed at 4:30 a.m.) and I've been
running on crazy ever since!  I used to suffer from really bad insomia about
a year ago and my greatest fear is that it's coming back again.

Even though I got an early start, I didn't get anything on my to-do-list
for the shop done.  Oh wait...I did add a new item, but I didn't get to work on
any of the designs floating around in my head. I did however get some
sketches done. I've been pinning (on pinterest to stay up) strange I know.
Ok...major changes of topics happening...must be tired!

Any hoot, above is a look at some of the crazy cool jewels
I'm currently displaying in the window. Get a jump start on
your summer jewelry/jewellery wardrobe.
Stop by and visit.

Oh, notice the G&G swirl tag on the necklace.
I literally looked down at these swirls the other day (I started making them
last year to use in necklaces as connectors) and what did I see staring
back at me? Two G's (one right side up & the other upside down).

Can we scream branding!! 
 You can now expect to see them EVERYWHERE!
Totally handmade by moi, so each one will literally be one of a

Stay safe my friends, see you next week!
Have a foolish Friday (what's left of it!)