Monday Blahs...

                                    Today's been very slow for me in a can't seem to focus on anything
                                       for too long kind of way.  So I'm going to have to type fast...

                                       My weekend was lots of fun albeit sleep deprived.  I (we) stayed
                                   up til 2am Friday night watching Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1
                                       and truth be told it sucked...sorry grumpy prince!!  I blame the
                                                                 director Bill Condon.
                                    Saturday night was another 2am sleep and so was last night.

                                     Watched the Grammys; it had some cool moments. Where's
                                                all the talent in the music world today!?  

                                                       I hope this week smiles on you!
                                                          Have a musical Monday.