Happy ♥ Day

Happy ♥ day!!
OX from Lisa, GRIMM & GRETE!!

Above is my valentines day gift from the grumpy prince... omg how did
he know ;) Since we've had kids going to see a movie in an actual
movie theatre is an extremely rare treat for us.  Of course we see
plenty of kids movies.  Any hoot, the grumpy prince and I decided
each valentines night we'd create our own movie night.

For years we watched one of our fave movies 'Immortal  Beloved'.  It's about
my favourite composer of ALL time Ludwig Van Beethoven and 3 love letters that
were found after his death by his secretary and his attempt to find the woman behind them.

That was replaced by 'twilight' a few years ago and now it's going to
be the movie 'DRIVE'!!

I made some decorations for the place last night.  Mainly for my girl musketeer,
she loves it when I decorate for their birthdays, so I thought she'd really
enjoy waking up to ♥'s.

Hope you have a tryst Tuesday!