Crushing On - Carolyn Cochrane Photography!!

Seriously crushing on Carolyn Cochrane's photography...there's such a silent mood to some of her work!!
Remember how I almost didn't get to take advantage of cyber Monday?
By the time I finally got into one of my fave shops
I had only a few minutes before midnight to buy this»

It came in the mail yesterday and I was blown away with the packaging and all of the
extra goodies it came with including a personal note....AWESOME!!
My friends - run don't walk to this shop!!
Now, excuse me as I'm off to buy a frame!

Hope your week is going well so far.  I was crazy busy yesterday with getting
a few orders much fun, it's such a fun time of year!
Thanks to all of you who've stumbled into the shop over the last few days.
I really appreciate you guys/gals spending some time with me and finding items
for your loved ones...cheers!!

Have a winter wonderland Wednesday!