Christmas Books!!

One of my fave Christmas traditions is to buy a new book for Christmas Eve each year. 
We've been doing this since our first musketeer was born.  
With our girl musketeer we got to buy 'girl' themed christmas books. 
Now that our third musketeer has had two Christmas books to himself'  
we thought that we'd do something different this year. To save having to buy three
separate books each year we will just buy one Christmas book for all three musketeers. 
Of course, that being said we still end up buying separate age appropriate books
for each one anyway.

This years book choice just happened by luck. We were watching some Christmas toons
and our eldest 'keteer' stumbled on this one. 
All three (yes, including our 28 month old)
were glued to the tv. It was an awesome little story. Our girl musketeer
cried at the end and needed hugs and kisses.

Lost & Found by Oliver Jeffers is a really cool book and we may even
buy the dvd. 

It's raining in the city today and I'm kind of dragging my butt around.  I love the rain
as you know but where in the world is the SNOW!!  If you are somewhere
where there's lots of snow please send some to Toronto...

Hope you are having a tripped out Thursday..