Crushing on - Tennis/Deep In The Woods video!!

I saw this video last week while watching 'the wedge' and I was immediately hooked.
Tennis is a husband-and-wife duo from Denver. The band was apparently
started after the couple returned from a 7 month sailing expedition along the Eastern
Atlantic Seaboard.  

Alaina Moore (wife) and Patrick Riley (hubby) came up with the name Tennis for the
band from a joke of Patrick having played in college (they met while studying philosophy).
Which is cool because before the grumpy prince and I met at work; we both believe we
were in the same philosophy class at University.

I think this video is really cool! 
It is apparently based on the novel by Shirley Jackson
"We Have Always Lived in a Castle"
I think I may have to pay a visit to
 the bookstore and check this book out.

Hope your weekend was great!
On Saturday the family went to a holiday party
and great fun was had by all.
Just a few more days before the "big day"!
Have a tannenenbaum!!