friday finds in Etsyland - ceramics!!!

I love ceramics... when I worked at Harbourfront Centre (a non-profit arts organization)
 we had craft studios where art grads could maintain 
their skills while pursuing a professional career. The studios included hot-glass, metal/jewellery
ceramics and textiles.  They could also sell their beautiful creations at the on site shop 
Bounty (now called the centre shop).

I would spend a lot of time at The Centre Shop shopping and taking in all those 
gorgeous handmade products. The grumpy prince and I were very fortunate to 
get a lot of wonderful handmade ceramic wedding gifts.   

Above are some cool ceramics I stumbled upon during my wander through

1. What a super cool shape on this bud vase.
2. Love the glaze on this footed serving dish.
3. The modern twist on the mouth of the vase is really cool.
4. Love this berry bowl..gorgeous.
5. How cool is this salt the colour.

Hope you enjoy!!

Hope you are doing great.  The musketeers have a P.D. day (professional development day) so
we are all home today enjoying each others company.  That should last
for about 15-20 mins. or so and then it will be 'get your coats on we're going out!!'

Hope you have a feet up