Coming Soon - Our Silver & Gold Holiday Collection 2011!!

Hello my friends, the holiday season is just around the corner with all those festive soirées to attend.
So we thought we'd help our GRIMM & GRETE girl
by giving her some urban chic accessories with a little bohemian charm
to spice up her holiday frocks.

I took a very classic cocktail necklace look and added a modern spin to it.  I added a
metallic pearl colour leather cord to the necklace and bracelet to give it an urban vibe.

 To add to the holiday charm, each bauble is wire wrapped
with silver or gold. 

The second half of our holiday collection is the butterfly effect necklaces.
I hear you asking 'why butterflies' and the answer is my girl musketeer has been
drawing the most beautiful butterflies and that's where I found my inspiration.

These metallic silver & gold leather butterflies are made with a 
buttery soft genuine Italian lambskin leather.

 Each butterfly is hand cut which offers a uniqueness to each piece.

I may add some leather butterfly earrings to this collection -
so I hope you like butterflies.

Hope you are all well and you are having a wayward Wednesday!!