tower under siege!!

While I've been waiting for some new supplies to arrive to start my 'fall collection' the musketeers have been slowly taking over my work space.  Trying to juggle two French Immersion school careers (grade 4 & sk) and a small business has made my life very interesting.

my work desk 'Hi darth & sara lynn'

baby keteer's 'yello buses'

The 'keteers' came home with so much paper work to be filled out the other day that I can't keep up with it all (we're at an eco-friendly school - which means they don't like they send it all to you!).  Anyhoot, I got behind in filling out and returning some of the paper work and my girl 'keteer' was in tears because her forms were late, she was embarrassed, she was the only one.  Shame.

I shared something with the grumpy prince the other day that he thought I should share with my readers.  So, please don't judge; I have a habit of chewing gum sometimes when I work, like really chewing!!!  I'll start with a couple and then toss in a few more.  So to save time on having to go into the bag of gumballs I decided to lay some out on the desk.  This worked until the other day when I scooped up some gumballs and one of them felt a bit different.  It was cold and super slick and heavier than a gumball...and just before I bit down I thought wait a minute and sure enough one of those gumballs was an amethyst gemstone.  So now I leave them in the bag, the extra step of taking them out will save us from a massive dentist

can you spot the difference..?

I hope time has been treating you well, he can be such a bugger sometimes.