New York Fashion Week - Imitation of Christ Spring 2012

We've barely stepped into fall and already fashion heads have turned to spring 2012.  Fashion week has kicked off in New York with a bang and how could I not take notice with the gorgeous, dreamy, bohemian vibe of 'Imitation of Christ' whose spring 2012 collection put me into a 1920's wedding ceremony.

Apparently, a real wedding ceremony took place as part of this fashion show.  How cool is that?  Imagine having a bridal party of real super models....uhm.

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So as I'm working on this football is on in the background, yet another intense game between the jets and the cowboys (and the jets just won!!).  Very happy about the Bills start today!!  A convincing win over the chiefs and very nice start to the season!!

Hope your September 11th, 2011 was spent in the arms of love♥