GRIMM & GRETEs ♥fall must-haves♥

I can't even stay calm long enough to express how much I LOVE the fall.  It's such a romantic season to me; the weather that forces you to cuddle up, the songs of the wind, the sound & smell of the rain, grey & still overcast days, fallen damp leaves of gorgeous colours, it's all just so darn romantic.  Not to mention all the new and returning tv shows, I can't wait!!!

So I thought I'd share with you some of my fall must-haves ♥

 my fave chair, sitting on it as i type.  it's my comfort chair for working on lappy.

my wool pash that i wash in the laundry even though it says to 'dry clean only'.  love the feel and worn in frayed tassels.

i have a coco chanel scent for 3 out of the 4 seasons.  'coco mademoiselle' is for fall, such a romantic scent with a punch of edge.

kiehl's: an absolute must; we eat kd for weeks so i can indulge.  it really does change the texture of your skin.

an absolute must for my hands and it smells amazing. see how well used the tube is? so if you've ever wondered what my hands smell like now you

omg!! my lips would shrivel up and die without this lip balm.  i do use others but for fall & winter this is a must.

Tonight is the first NFL game of the season, so as of 8pm I will be glued firmly to the

Hope Thursday is behaving herself.