crushing on - G&G's brand!!!

Well my friends GRIMM & GRETE just got branded!!  Perhaps you've noticed that single hearted wing that moved in about a few months ago and hasn't left. Which means a lot for me, because I can be known for changing my mind a lot...a lot.  So now that it's here to stay let's talk about my 'heart & soul logo'.

It came from my intense desire to find a logo that would represent GRIMM & GRETE now and into the future. It's a combination of my signature ♥ and an angels wing.  Using our fingers on the mouse pad, it took me and the grumpy prince an entire Sunday morning to get the image just right. The heart was easy but that  I was finally able to steady my hand long enough to get from a swiggly line to a more controlled line.  To be honest that wing is a fluke and I may not ever get it to look this way again.

A month ago I decided to make a commitment to my 'heart & soul' and ordered a custom stamp.  I found AsspocketProductions on Etsy for a starter kit. It wasn't easy to get her an image she could work with because we've blown it up so much from the original that she wasn't getting a very detailed image. With fingers crossed we sent her our last hope of the original image in the size she needed and a brand was born!!

I received the stamp in the mail yesterday and was very anxious not knowing if it would provide all the little details of my 'heart & soul' logo. Boy was I pleasantly surprised,  it's 'PERFECT!!'

So from now on at GRIMM & GRETE each order will receive a little piece of my 'heart & soul'♥

Hope you have a trademark Tuesday.