crushing on - home décor

This Etsy seller found my shop and then I found her Etsy shop habitation.  I love the look and feel of habitation, the home décor items have gorgerous fabrics and awesome textures.  This shop offers a wonderful collection of handmade designer items created with 'designer fabrics, imported ikats, shibori textiles and reclaimed burlap coffee sacks'.  So if you are looking to spruce up a living room, guest room or master bedroom, why not toss a pillow at it.

Here's a sneak peak, happy shopping!

It's a rainy day in Toronto today and I welcome it (love the rain!).  I've been neglecting my shop because of my current treasury addiction.  So, I spent the last two days making a few new items, taking and retaking new pics and trying out new banners & font styles (all under the watchful eye and assistance of the grumpy prince). Then at 1 am last night I stood back and didn't like most of the changes, so I switched most of it back with tears flowing down my  What will today hold?

Hope your weekend was great and yesterday was nice to you and Tuesday is even nicer.