New Arrival - 'rock crystal flowers'

The 'rock crystal flower' set offers a rocking bohemian edge with a hint of romantic charm.  The brass flower caps are a beautiful golden colour that plays off the shiny transparency of the rock crystal to create a really dreamy vibe.  These 'rock crystal flowers' are the perfect accessories to vamp up any style.

rock crystal flower earrings
rock crystal flower necklace

Well, if you've been in the shop lately you'll see quite a few changes.  Over the last few weeks I've been searching for the right look in photography (still a work in progress) to create the edgy yet laid back vibe of some of my jewellery pieces.  Trying to express or create the mood of the girl/woman who is a dark romantic at heart with a laid back bohemian sense of style has been an interesting challenge; but I think I'm closing in on her.

Hope Thursday rocked you gently.