The Mysteries of the Universe

I should probably preface this by saying I don't have a screw loose, but for some time now I've found the mysteries of the universe to be intoxicating.  Not things like the Bermuda Triangle or Stonehenge, but things like karma, chance and fate just really knock my socks off.

I found it really mind-blowing last evening (and a great rush) to have ended up on the front page of Etsy. This was the treasury that I mentioned in yesterday's blog that included a picture of Amy Winehouse (who was a current trending tag at the time).  I was certainly torn in my emotions, happy to be there but unsure of the picture of Ms. Winehouse.  I don't know what the morning treasuries were like because I was working in the 'studio', but late afternoon I read a few very heated comments pertaining to the use of Amy Winehouse in treasuries .

I ask you, what are the odds that my first item appearance on the front page of Etsy would be in that treasury?  I was utterly gobsmacked!

Oh did I mention, yesterday was also the day I did a treasury entitled 'mystical matters'.  Well my friends enough said......

Photo 'At Tara in this fateful evening' by ara133photography on Etsy.  This was one of the items in my treasury.

The grumpy prince and I rented some movies this weekend.  We saw 'Insidious' which was really well done for a horror movie. It had an interesting premise and it was not cheesy scary; there was some intelligence to it.  Small insight into Lisa's world - I should under no circumstances watch horror movies.  It literally takes me about a week to get back to regular sleep without the lights or the t.v. on.  The grumpy prince put down his foot years ago about the lights, but the t.v. he kind of tolerates (kind of). So Friday rather than sleeping through the night I was up watching 'treehouse', the musketeers cartoon channel. 'Yo Gabba Gabba' is such a great

Saturday night we watched 'limitless' which was really cool.  I was filled with so much anxiety, I could barely sit still.  I would certainly take a 'pill', to allow access to everything I've ever seen, read or learned.  I could finally learn to speak French and German and it would only take an hour or

Wow, well enough with all that talking stuff.

I hope this week offers us lots of hugs and kisses, I think we could all do with some kindness.