Amy Winehouse

When the grumpy prince read the headline yesterday that Amy Winehouse was dead, at first I thought it was some kind of crazy joke.  Then I thought of what we were always hearing of Amy's life and the demons she seemed to have allowed in and couldn't get rid of. A day later and it's all true.  Death has been very busy this weekend.

I really love Amy's music. We spent a lot of time in the tower listening to Amy.  I think she was an awesome talent and she added words to my vocabulary that truly made me laugh.  She seemed to have a spunk to her that was really cool and that beehive was out of this world!  I think the fact that she's currently a trending tag in Etsyland to be disturbing; but to each their own.  I found myself in a treasury with a picture of her in it and wasn't sure what to say.  So taking her out of the equation, I commented on the treasury.  I hope this is a short lived trend.

Here is one of my fave Amy songs.