Super Cool Knits!!!

My etsy friend and the artist behind the Etsy shop Wuglyees creates some of the coolest eco-friendly knits I've ever seen. She designs stylish and fashionable hats, scarves, slippers and the coolest jewelry.  I love the colour combinations and I think it's super cool how she integrates beads and metal findings into her jewellery collection.

Wuglyees (I call her by her shop name, lol, but her name is Debbie) also has a great blog where she shares her talent for the written word through her poetry.  She creates a poem everyday to accompany her blog post, how cool is that!  I love the way she gets up, close and personal with her readers with a natural honesty and heart warming stories. Visit her wonderful blog here.

Hope everyone had a fulfilling weekend.  

Our first summer weekend in the city was a major flop, the weather was just plain yucky! For me there is no middle ground; it either rains or it's sunny.  I don't operate well under cloudy skies, it's just too heavy for me.  

The grumpy prince and I had a movie night on Saturday. No, we didn't leave the tower we ordered 'pay per view' and watched "The Adjustment Bureau".  I thought the concept was amazing, I really enjoyed it. The notion of chance, fate, and man's free will played out through a romance; come fantastic is that?!!!

The eldest boy musketeer was invited to a bowling birthday party on Sunday.  The grumpy prince took our girl musketeer and they had their first papa and daughter bowling time together.  I stayed home and worked on some new shop items, while the youngest boy musketeer napped.

Wow, someone took a talking pill this morning, it must be due to the sunny ;)

Hope Monday is kind to you.