tune in thursdays - The Pretenders

Remember a month or so back, I blogged about the grumpy prince's attempt at 'spring cleaning'?  Well between you and me, it was a disaster.  A lot of furniture was moved around, large dust bunnies set-free and a lot of naughty language was uttered; and in the end not a lot looked much different.  Any hoot, my pretenders greatest hits CD is missing and I think all that clucking around disguised as 'cleaning' misplaced it.  I can't find it anywhere...any! where!

It's a great compilation of tunes.  Great for dinner parties, rainy Saturday afternoons (when I'm not in Forks) and quiet nights in.  I think Chrissie Hynde is one of the coolest ladies in music and her voice is awesome. 

So until I find my cd here is one of my fave Prentenders songs.

Have a trashy thursday ;)