still crushing on clutches

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It was very quiet in the tower. We did some spring cleaning in the musketeers hideout, which we can now walk into without stepping on one of them, so exciting and lots of fun, NOT, lol!!

So I am still crushing on clutches ever since I saw Claire Vivier's beautiful blue clutch (see here).  Then the other day I spotted this little baby while daydreaming on Louis Vuitton's Official site.  I go there every once and while to pretend that I can actually afford any of their gorgeous items without having to put one of the musketeers on the black market, lol.  Anyway! take a look at this, the Monogram Empreinte leather, the P├ętillante.

love this colour, come on!!

Want to daydream some more?

I also spotted this little number in the Globe and Mail (one of our national news papers). A lot more wallet friendly and very cute.

love it in the white, super fresh!

This clutch is made by designer Ela Kowalewska, a former handbag designer for Roots.  Her line of clutches is called Ela.  The M.I.L.C.K. is a leather clutch that as its name spells out is perfect for money, identification, lipstick, cellphone and key. How cheeky is that! More here.