Santa Claus Parade 2012

Here are a few pics from this years Santa Claus Parade. I think I was the only one giddy with
joy for the parade.  I nearly lost my mind twice; once with the 3 little pigs float + then again with
the Playmobil float.  I have these finger puppets of the 3 little pigs + the mean wolf + all summer I was putting on little plays that the kids loved so I was crazy with excitement to see the float...I was the only one, the kiddos could have cared less.  

Then when I saw the Playmobil float I thought my head was going to explode. Playmobil is a beloved staple in these parts, again it seems like I'm the only one that got anything out of the float. I think my daughter liked The princess + the pop star float, but only because I was jumping up + down screaming "look, look it's BARBIE!!!"

I ♥ all the attention to detail these floats have!! Some of the sponsors included: Kraft- the peek freans castle; Tim Hortons - the donut house; One Direction - Mama bear with her cubs  + Sears - Christmas catalogue.

This helicopter + the streetcars were the only two things that the baby (he's still my baby, even though he calls himself "big boy") enjoyed before his nap. 

Thanks to my frosty tootsies we had to scamper home + watch Santa's grand arrival on the telly!!