hello... it's me

I hope you've all been well and getting a chance to enjoy
summer's many gifts. Truth be told I'm ready to see the
back of her, I'm starting to think summer is over-rated.

I've been up to nothing in particular, just really
spending so much needed time with the kiddos
+ the grumpy prince.  I've also been tumblring
and pinning my a$$ off (which I've found to be really
relaxing at times).  I'm almost at the end of
"we need to talk about kevin", which has taken
me much longer to finish than expected, it's a very
heady book.

Above are some new trinkets I've added to the shop.
No matter how much I try, my shop is always on my mind,
but in a good way(sometimes).  I will be adding some
awesome new jewels to the shop over the next little while,
so be on the look out.

Hope you're having a telling Thursday.