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Good time for a change...

After the grumpy prince found me in the bathroom last week in not the 
most desirable state, he sat me down for a talk. GRIMM & GRETE and
myself have been in a power struggle for sometime now. That beautiful young
couple wanted to travel the world and it seems like I've been holding them back.
That and the fact that I didn't find them to be inspiring anymore.  They saw
themselves one way and I didn't share their vision.  

My husband posed some questions to me about where I saw the
business going in the future and if I was still happy with it.
At the end of it all a separation between myself and G&G was necessary.
  I feel like I've taken the brand as far as it can go.

It was definitely time for a change...

So based on who we are, grumpy prince + myself,  we decided that
for two people who never do what we're 'supposed to' that
REBEL by F▲TE was a better fit for us and more importantly
for me.

A huge THANK YOU, to all of you who've supported 
GRIMM & GRETE over the last 2 years.

Hope you all join me on my new journey!!

♥Lisa xox