Joy Division - Atmosphere

I've always had a rule about not reading up on the bands I like. 
I guess when it comes down to it I don't really care about their
personal lives, I just care about the music.  You can argue that
their music is their personal life set to music and so then
I'd prefer to hear than read it.  My experience with the music
is when I know what the song is really about 
then it loses some of it's magic to me.

With that said, I found myself on a design website 
about a month ago and they were taking about men's
fashion and how cool Ian Curtis's fashion sense
was.  The article went on to highlight some of Ian's 
likes and obsessions one of which was anything to 
do with WWII (hence the name 'joy division'). 
Obviously, I knew where the name joy division was taken from 
but I didn't know it came from an adoration, I thought it was more
of a tongue in cheek social statement. 

I will always listen to Joy Division.  I got the grumpy prince
into them and I think Ian's passing on the cusp of what
could have been world wide success for a band with 
such a unique sound is very unfortunate. 

Ian took his own life 32 years ago today. 

both images are from that design website, when I find it again I will update this post.

 The cover from their debut album 'Unknown Pleasures' can
be seen in a lot of unexpected places lately.
Ink and new balance running shoes.

Apparently, it represents successive pulses from the first pulsar