home life

Yesterday my eldest musketeer took a giant step into the land of double digits, he
turned 10!!!  I must say it's been an awesome decade.  We've learned so much about
each other and I'm glad to have earned his trust and love.  Aside from the grumpy prince,
Q is one of the coolest people I know.  Nothing seems to faze him;
he's got this 'take it or leave it' attitude which is really cool.
And he's even tempered, which is really nice.

I guess the real fun of parenting begins now.  We bought him an ipod (top gift) and I
guess this is where we start losing him to his friends.  He was already
texting a classmate this morning.

 I bought this wrapping paper when I was pregnant with Q because it made
me think of what life with a boy child would be like.  A cluster of all things 'boy'.
I used it for the first time yesterday, because I think it
now represents his life!!

Hope you have a 'wow' Wednesday!!