tune in thursday - Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe

When we're not listening to french radio, we listen to cfny 102.1
which is an indie station here in the city.  
They've been playing this song we are young by fun a lot. 
The gp really likes it and my daughter always asks
"why do they want to set the world on fire?"
I've been a very busy girl on pinterest.
I've been pinning my a$$ off.  It's a lot of 
fun and more than anything a great
place to store images and ideas.
You can join me on pinterest

 Hope you're all doing well.  
We have a long weekend for Easter and the 
kids have Monday off as well. 

I hope the Easter bunny has enough sweets. My
little ones are really looking forward
 to finding his stash. 

Don't forget about the sale we are currently having
on select items in the shop.

Have a great weekend friends.