Happy Friday friends!!

I've been busy working away on some new designs for GRIMM & GRETE.
I'm really excited about this new direction I'm heading in;
 more delicate/simple pieces.
 I should have some pics to show y'all next week.

I've also finally found some time to read silence by Becca Fitzpatrick.
Give me a book about fallen angels and I'm there.
Though, I find this book to be a bit
disappointing. Almost half way through and it's a bit trite.
It's really dragging on and I think she's (author)
 lost touch with her characters, it's almost starting to read like a
young adult book (which it is)...that'll learn me.
I guarantee it will pick up towards the end just in
time to lure readers to book #4 finale.

 Above pics:
1. my bedroom in the late afternoon when the
sun catches the bag on the back of the door.
2. the grumpy prince made this dinner the other night and
it was fantasic!!  Japanese udon noodles with beef and
veggies...yum, yum.

Hope your weekend is filled with love and adventure.

Have a floating Friday.