monday morning

Happy Monday Friends!

Hope you had an awesome weekend.   As usual ours was
extremely relaxing.  Goyte performed on SNL this past Saturday
and it was a great performance. Hope you had a chance to see it.
The grumpy prince and I watch SNL to keep up with American politics.
We like the way they break down the candidates in a way that us
Canadian folks can understand (that is - they make fun of them!).

The pic above is a potted plant my mum brought me on Saturday.
I must confess that I've never seen this plant before but I find it to
be so interesting.

 To say that our relationship is a strained
one is putting it mildly. A few years ago my mum caused
such a rift in our family that it's one that will never be repaired.
I only still see her because of the kids, but it's very hard at times to
have her around. She believes that all families have issues and
seems to strive to make them or keep them going in ours. So a few
years back I decided to bow out of the game with my sanity intact.
But she doesn't think it's my choice to make, so she keeps pushing
her way back in.  At times I'm ok with a visit and at other times I'm not.

 When I get a chance I'll post some pics of what I've been working on.
Again, I'm very excited about this new direction.

I hope Monday is kind to you.