tune in thursday - Best Coast/Our Deal

I spent the greater part of this past weekend adding
pins to my pinterest boards and thinking about creating a tumblr blog.
 I was on a tumblr blog when I first
heard this song and it stuck with me.
So there I was late Saturday night going through my history to
find the blog that was playing this cool song.
I love the 50's vibe of this tune; it's very lets fall in love romantic.

The band Best Coast is a trio indie rock band from LA.
Their debut album is titled crazy for you, 
and actress Drew Barrymore directed this
awesome video for their single our deal.

I'll have to add this to my long list of itunes for purchase
once I get my ipod updated. I have a classic ipod, generation
100 years ago.  I spent some money about three years
ago trying to bring it back to life, it worked for a while
but I think it's done for good now.
Are they even still called ipods these days...lol.

Have a thrill-ride Thursday.