For The Love of Books!

The grumpy prince and I love books and one of the things 
we hope to pass down to the musketeers is our love of the written word. 
 So far so good, with the eldest reading in both french 
                 & english we are over the moon giddy. 

My eldest told me yesterday they are starting to learn about 
Shakespeare (in grade 4) and I nearly cried. Funny, we 
weren't introduced to Shakespeare until grade 9.

I was watching the news last night (something I rarely do these days)
and they were talking about this video that's gaining a lot of attention.
It's a short video produced by a local Toronto bookstore to remind us of
those wonderful paperback or hard cover books that can take
you anywhere... simply anywhere and all you have to do 
is open one and allow the words to take you under.

Hope you have a text Thursday.